Science, Technology & the Future – New Webpage Launch

Yes, you may notice that the website looks quote different from the old site.

It was just getting difficult to manage content, and the theme was a bit dark, and did not work all that well in portable devices… in any case, feel free to ping me to let me know if you like aspects of the old site.

[highlight]See you at the conference![/highlight] [quote float=”left” cite=”Marcus Hutter”]The dream of creating artificial devices which reach or outperform human intelligence is an old one. What makes this challenge so interesting? A solution would have enormous implications on our society, and there are reasons to believe that the AI problem can be solved in my expected lifetime. So, it’s worth sticking to it for a lifetime, even if it takes 30 years or so to reap the benefits.[/quote] [quote cite=”Tim van Gelder”]Our own mastery of technology and our level of scientific self-understanding are reaching the stage where we can re-create deep aspects of ourselves in non-biological form. This process will gradually force a dramatic transformation of our understanding of what we essentially are…[/quote]